Eagle Scout Court of  Honor 2016  Click here

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   Rachel and Baruch Wedding Portrats and Groups (Hebrew Version)  2015    Click here


   Rachel and Baruch Wedding Portraits and Groups  (English Version) 2015     Click here

   Council of  Women, Stuart, Fla., Renatos Restaurant  2015  Click here

   Rachel and Baruch’s Wedding Ceremony and Celebration 2015  click here

   Christmas Party for Jensen Beach Garden Club  2015  click here

   Enid's Birthday Party 2015 click here

    Rachel’s Wedding Shower     2015 click here

    Rachel’s Engagement party   2015 click here

    Rachel’s Graduation activities  2010  Click here

    Sarah and Ryle’s Wedding    2015  click here 

    Sarah and Ryle’s Wedding Portraits   2015 click here

     Drake's Eagle Scout Court of Honor   2010 click here

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